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Brussels-based communications specialist BICS has announced that it is providing global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and asset management for the Cray X - a pioneering exoskeleton developed by German Bionic... Read more


ProGlove, a major provider of industrial wearables, today announced a $40-million (€36.1-million) investment from global growth equity firm Summit Partners. The company plans to leverage this funding to expand its international footprint and... Read more

Industry is changing a lot these days. New concepts and systems pop-up continuously, and due to companies’ need to implement the best technology, a lot of things will change in a relatively short span of time... Read more

Created in 1780, the world’s first pedometer was developed using an earlier mechanism of a self-winding watch. Technology to ensure we meet those all-important 10,000 steps has come a long way since then, but as Antonios Oikonomou, the Graphene... Read more

Workaround GmbH, ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH and BASF have been cooperating on the modification of an important component of the smart glove ProGlove, for improved workplace safety. Read more

We’ve been hearing a lot about smart textiles recently. From fabrics to regulate body temperature to those that can release medication into the skin, in the future the clothes we wear will no longer be just an aesthetic statement. Read more

Sweden-based Arjo, a market-leading supplier of medical devices and solutions, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Next Step Dynamics, a tech company specialising in predictive analytics. Read more

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