Waste processing

Innovative technologies that are being developed to reduce carbon emissions from industry are to receive government funding in the UK to help deliver the Clean Growth Strategy. Eight innovations will be supported in this second phase of the... Read more


The lean methodology is a modern approach to managing construction in a way that delivers successful projects in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The lean approach emphasises on maximising customer value while minimising waste... Read more


The European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed its plans for the first-ever mission to collect a piece of space junk that is in orbit around the Earth. Named ClearSpace-1, the mission is happening under the auspices of a consortium headed up a Swiss... Read more

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is the elephant in the room. A quick scan of recent news articles pulls up a plethora of missed targets, new legislation, illegal exportation and high technology. A heady mix of information, indeed... Read more

Seven European cities that will pilot a series of demonstration actions on construction and demolition waste (CDW) and organic waste (OW) with the aim of achieving material circularity. Over 30 new tools and processes will be tested as part of... Read more

Boosting the use of processed plastic waste in the manufacturing of new plastic products is one of the priority tasks in the development of a circular economy for the plastics industry. As injection moulding machine manufacturer and system... Read more

At this year’s Nor-Shipping conference and exhibition, the technology group Wärtsilä will be highlighting its development work on a smart concept for onboard water and waste systems. Read more

Unilever has pioneered the use of a new detectable black pigment for its High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottles for its leading brands, TRESemmé and Lynx, so they can be detected by recycling plant scanners and sorted for recycling. This means... Read more

Recycling is now a major global industry, yet despite our best intentions, the true value of recyclable materials is not being realised. In the Western world we have attempted to stop throwing everything into landfill yet cross-contamination of... Read more

The control of industrial processes can be a complex operation involving multiple valves, sensors and controllers which means there are many considerations when looking for opportunities for process optimisation. Using best practice and ensuring... Read more

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