Italian 3D printing specialist WASP and MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects - have begun construction of an innovative model for a 3D printed habitat and will launch the first prototype near Bologna, Italy... Read more

At first, the little Syrian boy seemed perplexed. Perhaps not fully understanding what was happening. Then, when the coloured, artificial limb was attached to him, in place of his missing right forearm, Yasser Al Khaled's face lit up with joy... Read more

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Italian 3D printer company WASP have presented an innovative prototype of a 3D printed wall. The project was designed and engineered by IAAC and realised by Crane WASP as part of the Ope Read more

We’ve followed the WASP project and its focus on developing additive manufacturing solutions for sustainable construction with interest over the past year or so. Read more

WASP has announced it has completed construction of the Trabeculae Pavilion, an entirely 3D printed lightweight architecture solution that combines advancements in 3D printing with bio-inspired computational design. Read more

The Italy-based WASP Project, which is focused on the development of sustainble 3D printing technologies using materials such as clay, ceramics and porcelain, has announced its new Clay Line to be unveiled at the Technology Hub in Milan. Read more

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