Swedish Steel Prize

The winner of the 20th international Swedish Steel Prize is Shape Corp. from the United States. The prize is awarded for the groundbreaking use of martensitic steel in a 3D formed tube for automotive roof rail applications... Read more

The finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize 2019 have been named the list comprises of four revolutionary design concepts that make full utilisation of the characteristics of premium steel from SSAB's range of products... Read more

The steel industry’s most prestigious award, the Swedish Steel Prize 2019, is now accepting applications. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the sought-after award. Read more

The winner of the prestigious International Swedish Steel Prize has been announced, and this year the honour goes to Italy-based Mantella SrL for its innovative Stratosphere 3.0 rear tipping semi-trailer. Read more

  • Shape Corp wins Swedish Steel Prize 2019