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The Serbian government has offered help to Chinese companies that are working on projects in the Balkan country after the outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak caused a shortage of labour and supplies, said Infrastructure Minister Zorana Mihajlovic... Read more


Germany's economy is close to stagnating in the first quarter of 2020 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the DIW economic institute, which added that if the virus continues to spread worldwide, German industry would be hit hard... Read more


Warehouses are some of the most important industrial facilities out there. Even if the public doesn’t always think about it, the supply chain and all its moving parts, including warehouses, make modern living possible... Read more

An integrated, sustainable, intelligent, synchronised and optimised transport and logistics network is essential to deliver upon societal challenges as well as to enhance or increase the competitiveness of all parties involved... Read more

Europe's auto industry delivered a message on Monday (23 September) about the cataclysmic effects of a no-deal Brexit, warning that it would have 'seismic' ramifications on car manufacture in Europe... Read more

Efficiency is crucial in warehouses and supply chains, especially in a retail climate thriving on instant gratification. Distribution and logistics companies relying on outdated technology — such as paper inventories and manual counts — are at a... Read more

The power of human relationships that create interpersonal bonds, whether in a family, friends or business setting, is more important than ever in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable world. Here, Melissa Albeck, CEO of online materials... Read more

Food fraud costs the industry around €30-billion a year globally. With the number of cooperation requests by the EU Food Fraud Network jumping 30% in 2018, counterfeiters continue to pose a major threat to food innovation and consequently economic... Read more

With, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers can digitise their work processes and benefit significantly. Buyers gain direct access to available capacity, and Manufacturers find available CNC orders instantly – locally, nationally or globally. Read more

Data unifier and aggregator GateHouse Logistics A/S has released its annual outlook for the global supply chain industries. Read more

Unilever and Veolia have signed a collaboration agreement to work together on emerging technologies that will help create a circular economy on plastics across various regions of the world, starting in India and Indonesia. Read more

More than half of global wholesalers have witnessed manufacturers selling directly to end customers driving the disintermediation of the traditional supply chain model and increasing competitiveness between traditional partners Read more

Online services and e-commerce are helping to shape the way the European logistics sector is developing – affecting everything from demand for warehouse and distribution space to the development of more complex distribution systems and technologies. Read more

The inescapable nature of international e-commerce and online retailing has shifted the expectation and measure of what ‘good’ looks like in many aspects of business and in logistics specifically. Read more

The UK could face up to a £480m hit to its recycling exports as a result of recent Chinese recovered paper import restrictions, according to a new report from Rabobank. Read more

Robotics and supply chain Automation company GreyOrange has recently installed its latest Linear Sorter at an international fashion company that provides fashion clothing and accessories across India; for women, men, teenagers and children. Read more

With the final deadline for the EU’s latest regulation on chemical use looming, speciality chemical supplier, Airedale Chemical is urging manufacturing companies to make preparations now and potentially re-evaluate their chemical consumption. Read more

The British Plastics Federation Recycling Group (BPFRG) has launched its new strategy to improve plastic recycling in the UK through industry-led initiatives and regulation. Read more

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