The European Commission has formulated a series of comprehensive plans which it hopes will revolutionise the EU's industrial sector. There is a heavy focus in the plans on the development of key technologies with 'strategic importance' including... Read more

The German government and the country's automotive association, VDA, have agreed to double the Umweltprämie ('Environmental Bonus') - cash incentives for electric vehicles - as the country attempts to speed up the move away from the combustion... Read more

A new study by a consortium of NGOs has found that, despite making pledges to limit tax cuts and investment in fossil fuel industries by 2020, EU member states are still providing billions of euros in subsidies to these industries... Read more

Western aluminium groups have urged leaders of G7 countries, ahead of the meeting next month in Biarritz, France to curb state subsidies that the industry considers to distort global trade and fuel overcapacity... Read more