Space industry

The European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed its plans for the first-ever mission to collect a piece of space junk that is in orbit around the Earth. Named ClearSpace-1, the mission is happening under the auspices of a consortium headed up a Swiss... Read more

Space missions and projects can only be successful if the materials and components used are first tested on Earth under space conditions. Leybold delivers the technology as an integrated supplier - up to the ultra-high vacuum... Read more

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and German Aerospace Center (DLR) have signed an MOU for the development of test facilities for micro launcher engine and stage tests... Read more

In an out-of-this-world first, Aleph Farms, an Israeli food-tech startup, has successfully produced lab-grown meat in space. The company managed to grow cultivated beef patties about the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS)... Read more

Flight times from London to Sydney could be slashed by 80% to just four hours if a hypersonic engine, currently under development in the UK, gets off the ground. The SABRE (Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine) which has a top speed of 6,667... Read more

With a mission is to revolutionise the economies of space; mass-producing a satellite constellation that will provide high-speed internet access worldwide, OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, have used Lanner’s digital... Read more

At this week's UK Space Conference, UK space company Spacebit signed a joint agreement with Pennsylvania-based space robotics firm Astrobotic to begin commercial and scientific lunar exploration with the first mission in 2021 on the... Read more

Haydale, the global advanced materials group, has been awarded a technology  de-risking project by the European Space Agency (ESA), to develop non-metallic gas tanks for spacecraft propulsion systems. This activity is alongside ISP International... Read more

GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed a €1,425,000 development contract for GomSpace Luxembourg SARL’s continued development of the Mega-Constellation Operations Platform (MCOP) product... Read more

The world has been awash with rumours and elaborate conspiracy theories about the Apollo 11 lunar landing since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first walked on the the moon some 50 years ago. With half a century of attempts to disprove what many... Read more

Raytheon today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UK Ministry of Defence to join Team ARTEMIS Industry, a collaboration between government and industry formed to fast track the launch of a small satellite constellation and enhance the... Read more

In May 2019, the Graphene Flagship embarked on a campaign of zero-gravity parabolic flights to test novel thermal management graphene devices for space applications. The unique properties of graphene can significantly improve their performance... Read more

Norwegian aerospace firm Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace AS has signed an agreement with Astranis Space Technologies Corp to supply communications equipment (TC&R). The order consists of the interface between the satellite and the ground and... Read more

The Polish space industry startup KP Labs has chosen Glasgow-based cubesat manufacturer Clyde Space to act as subcontractor for the company's Intuition-1 satellite project. The 6U-class cubesat will be the world's first commercial satellite to... Read more

  • ClearSpace-1

  • Leybold UNIVEX SXTT chamber Inside

  • Leybold UNIVEX SXTT chamber

  • International Space Station

  • Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander