Smart buildings

Concerns about the environment are at an all-time high and businesses will want to ensure that they do what they can to reduce their environmental impact. Businesses of all sizes can lobby through industry groups etc. for greater action at a... Read more


The island state city of Singapore is often hailed as the world’s premier smart city. With a 99% connectivity rate, robo-taxis and huge network of sensors providing a large pool of data for analysis, it is easy to see why the island is at the... Read more

Global elevator and escalator company KONE has introduced the world's first digital elevator series. KONE DX Class elevators offer built-in connectivity as standard, and a whole new user experience through a combination of design, technology, new... Read more

Smart building technology and innovative electrification solutions have made the once traditional Generali Arena at FK Austria Vienna a modern sporting showcase for connected, safe and energy efficient spaces... Read more

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  • KONE launches world's first digitally connected elevator series

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