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At this year's Automation Fair in Chicago, Industry Europe had the chance to sit down with Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret in a discussion which covered a range of topics including collaborations with other companies, changes in manufacturing... Read more


On first sight, Chicago’s Pullman District may not seem like the place you might expect to find one of the United States’ most progressive factories. Passing a giant Walmart and dilapidated buildings on a once prosperous brownfield site in a... Read more

One of the key events in the run up to the Automation Fair hosted by Rockwell Automation was the Perspectives media event where journalists, and Rockwell management heard from top brass about the company's achievements and plans for the future... Read more

Marc Baret, Director of EMEA industrial services at Rockwell Automation gives us his take on servistisation of industrial automation now and where it can take manufacturers in the future... Read more

IoT Breakthrough has chosen Rockwell Automation as winner of the 'Overall IoT Company the Year' award in the global 2019 IoT Breakthrough Awards program. Read more

Companies from across all industry sectors are increasingly embracing the concepts of Industry 4.0 to bring new value to their operations. Read more

Thomas Donato, Rockwell Automation EMEA President, explains to Peter Mercer how the fourth industrial revolution is transforming manufacturing efficiency. Read more

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  • Blake Moret

    Blake Moret

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