"Je marche sur la glace" said Emmanuel Macron, somewhat incongruously, as he walked across the sands of Egypt to see the temple of Abu Simbel at the end of January. Read more

The German Economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, has unveiled the National Industry Strategy 2030 at a news conference. The controversial plan marks a shift in Germany's industrial strategy that he said was necessary to safeguard national interests. Read more

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will is today set to call on business chiefs to support her draft Brexit deal before upcoming negotiations with Brussels. Read more

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned (the second in this post to do so), and more resignations have followed. Read more

Is it really possible, asks Hamlet as he watches Fortibras’s army march across the stage (or three of four of them anyway), that these twenty thousand men go to seize nothing but a bit of the Polish frontier, some little patch of ground that, as the Read more

From a UK perspective, it’s been easy to assume Brexit is the biggest worry around. The dithering, obfuscation and interminable delays have become a permanent fact of daily life, and with little prospect of an end to the uncertainty for business. Read more

As the foreign ministers of France, Germany and the UK prepare to meet in Brussels in an attempt to salvage the Iran nuclear deal after the US pulled out last week, the EU is also looking at measures to protect companies doing business in Iran. Read more

US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has many implications, both economic and political. Read more

Xavier Gorce’s penguin cartoon in Le Monde’s check-list bulletin (they are always penguins) said it all. A tiny (French) penguin is perched on the back of a gigantic blond-haired whale. Read more

Germany has announced that it expects US tariffs on steel and aluminium to come into effect as of 1 May, when the temporary EU exemption expires. This will create the potential for trade tension between the EU and the US. Read more

A coalition of 21 European energy giants and top investors have called upon leaders of Britain and the EU to preserve close links on both climate and energy policy after Brexit. Read more

Europe’s plants – led by Germany – to create their own monetary fund to replace the International Monetary Fund in times of crisis now appear to have been put on hold. Read more

EU plans to grant robots legal status could breach human rights law – this was the message from a group of 140 academics and experts in robotics and artificial intelligence, spanning 40 countries. Read more

There is just one year to go until the UK is due to split from the European Union and at first glance the economy doesn’t seem to have imploded as some predicted. Read more

The threat of US military action in Syria sent oil prices to their highest levels since 2014 on Thursday. Read more

The furore surrounding US President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs on imported steel and aluminium continues. Read more

French winemakers could take to the streets in mass nationwide protests if their government goes ahead with a plan to put an ‘alcohol is dangerous’ health warning on all bottles by the end of this year, a leading wine union boss has warned. Read more

Germany’s financial hub Frankfurt is reckoning on 8000 new banking jobs as a result of the Brexit exodus from the city of London. Read more

Journalists are not universally renowned for their subtle inferences. Intemperate hyperbole is more their natural mode, says Peter Mercer. Read more

Equity markets across the region jumped and the yen slid after the White House accepted North Korea’s invitation for a summit that could potentially help defuse tensions along the last remaining tripwire of the Cold War. Read more


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