As the deadline for the European Commission's (EC) new industrial strategy to accompany the European Green Deal approaches, it is expected that foreign competition and access to raw materials are to top the agenda... Read more


A group of 21 European industry associations has made a joint statement calling for a new deal for the European Single Market. The document's central message is that harmonised standards should continue to support competitiveness in European... Read more

The European Commission has formulated a series of comprehensive plans which it hopes will revolutionise the EU's industrial sector. There is a heavy focus in the plans on the development of key technologies with 'strategic importance' including... Read more

Reforms relating to offshore wind projects will lead to a "revolution" in renewable energy, according to the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. The Marine Development Bill will make changes to the application assessment for offshore renewable projects... Read more


The value of the Euro rose sharply against the US dollar on Friday, in anticipation of a major change in German budgetary policy, which could see the scrapping of a ten-year old zero-deficit policy... Read more

  • Thierry Breton