Innovative technologies that are being developed to reduce carbon emissions from industry are to receive government funding in the UK to help deliver the Clean Growth Strategy. Eight innovations will be supported in this second phase of the... Read more


Procter & Gamble has announced a series of advances across a range of European sustainability projects which form part of its “Ambition 2030” goals. Read more


A proposal for the establishment of a special purpose company by Polish chemical conglomerate Grupa Azoty, oil company Lotos, and two South Korean partner firms has been approved by Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)... Read more


Mark Victory, Senior Editor at petrochemicals market intelligence provider, ICIS, tells us why he believes that regulation of plastics and the public focus on plastic waste is simply shifting the problem to other sectors, and doing little to... Read more


In January, global toy manufacturer Mattel announced its goal to achieve 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastics materials in both its products and packaging by 2030. In the first half of this year, the California-based company will debut... Read more


UK-based, Berry Global subsidiary Plaswood has produced the country's first picnic bench made from plastic recovered from riverbeds. The benches are part of a £1.5-million (€1.78-million) partnership with West Cumbria Rivers Trust and the... Read more


Swiss-based global food giant Nestlé has announced it is to spend CNF 1.5-billion (€1.4-billion) on the sourcing of as much as 2 million tonnes of food-grade recycled plastics between now and 2025... Read more


Central to any circular economy is polymer recycling. Current mechanical recycling processes face many issues from societal perceptions of recycling, to economic and technological barriers; however, there are a number of companies whose... Read more


Recycling waste plastics is essential to creating a circular economy. Current recycling methods are hampered by issues such as societal perceptions of recycling, to economic barriers and technological; however, over the past few years the number... Read more


Plastic packaging manufacturer Berry Global Group has announced a collaboration with global chemical firm SABIC to drive the innovation and use of polyolefin resins made from chemical recycling. The companies boast a longtime partnership and focus... Read more

Plastic plays a practical, often life enhancing, role in our lives. The word plastic - derived from the Greek word plastikos (meaning to mould), shapes our everyday world... Read more

Global plastic packaging manufacturer, ALPLA hjas announced the further expansion of its recycling activities. Following the acquisition of two companies based it Spain, it is moving into polyolefin recycling... Read more

It may be difficult to imagine that the empty, non-recyclable plastic container you are about to throw away could be turned into car fuel. Yet, this is exactly the idea behind Quantafuel’s latest solution. To succeed in building the revolutionary... Read more

SC Johnson, a major global manufacturer of household consumer brands, and Plastic Bank have launched a global partnership to stop plastic waste from entering the ocean and fight poverty. The three-year effort will creates a recycling... Read more

The plastics or polymers industry was for many years a hidden industry. For most of its history, nobody has known much about the plastics business because it is sandwiched between oil and gas and a huge variety of finished goods. The meat cannot... Read more

LyondellBasell has begun building a new small-scale pilot facility at its site in Ferrara, Italy. The new facility, is focusing on the conversion of difficult-to-recycle plastic waste to more useful forms. The company chose its Ferrara site for... Read more

On 9 October, Novares Group, a French global plastic solutions provider specialising in components and systems for the automotive industry, held its first ever Venture Day in Paris, in which awards were given to three startup companies from a... Read more

The Coca-Cola Company has partnered with Ioniqa Technologies, Indorama Ventures and Mares Circulares (Circular Seas) to produce its first sample bottles made from recovered and recycled marine plastics... Read more

ABP, one of Europe's largest private agribusiness companies, has announced the introduction of new sustainable packaging. The new packaging will see the amount of plastics used to package its meat products reduced by 70%. It will consist of... Read more

Boosting the use of processed plastic waste in the manufacturing of new plastic products is one of the priority tasks in the development of a circular economy for the plastics industry. As injection moulding machine manufacturer and system... Read more

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