Peter Mercer

"Je marche sur la glace" said Emmanuel Macron, somewhat incongruously, as he walked across the sands of Egypt to see the temple of Abu Simbel at the end of January. Read more

Is it really possible, asks Hamlet as he watches Fortibras’s army march across the stage (or three of four of them anyway), that these twenty thousand men go to seize nothing but a bit of the Polish frontier, some little patch of ground that, as the Read more

‘The clock is ticking – there are only a few weeks left before the October EU summit and we still have no idea what the British want’. Read more

Xavier Gorce’s penguin cartoon in Le Monde’s check-list bulletin (they are always penguins) said it all. A tiny (French) penguin is perched on the back of a gigantic blond-haired whale. Read more

Journalists are not universally renowned for their subtle inferences. Intemperate hyperbole is more their natural mode, says Peter Mercer. Read more