Mark Victory, Senior Editor at petrochemicals market intelligence provider, ICIS, tells us why he believes that regulation of plastics and the public focus on plastic waste is simply shifting the problem to other sectors, and doing little to... Read more


A partnership between Linde and BASF has been given an ICIS award for groundbreaking new catalyst and steam-reforming process which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions... Read more


The plastics or polymers industry was for many years a hidden industry. For most of its history, nobody has known much about the plastics business because it is sandwiched between oil and gas and a huge variety of finished goods. The meat cannot... Read more

The European recycling industry is going to miss a 2025 target for recycling PET bottles unless there is a reversal of the slowing growth rate in recycling, according to a new study by ICIS. The study also found evidence that bottle-deposit... Read more

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