In August 2019, Ipswich Hospital plunged into darkness after it was hit during a 15-minute UK-wide power outage. The trust revealed that the disruption caused the unit’s circuit breaker to fail, briefly cutting the electrical supply to outpatients... Read more

The rapid adoption of vegan lifestyle across the world has created a significant demand for non-dairy milk products. A multitude of factors including ethics, environmental concerns and health are creating a movement towards veganism... Read more

With the appearance, texture, smell and — according to many hardcore meat lovers — taste of an authentic beef-based burger, Impossible Foods epitomises the rise of plant-based meat alternatives. More than a mere lentil patty, the US company’s... Read more

Shares in German chemical giant Bayer have rocketed by as much as 11% following a report that the company has proposed to pay up to $8-billion (£6.59-billion) to settle more than 18,000 US lawsuits related to its glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup. Read more

Created in 1780, the world’s first pedometer was developed using an earlier mechanism of a self-winding watch. Technology to ensure we meet those all-important 10,000 steps has come a long way since then, but as Antonios Oikonomou, the Graphene... Read more

The Hovedstaden region of Denmark has chosen Sweden's NCC Group to construct the New North Zealand Hospital, the latest super hospital to be built in the country. NCC and the New North Zealand Hospital will now work out the details and plan to... Read more

Consumers demand more personalised and healthy foods. This trend combined with hectic lifestyle and snacking requires new on-site technologies to satisfy consumers’ needs. VTT created a prototype of a mini cupcake factory, which enables on-site... Read more

Wearable technology, diagnostic devices, personalised medicines and bionics are four key opportunities for the UK’s £70-billion-revenue life sciences sector, reveals a new report by Santander and manufacturing organisation Make UK... Read more

Calixar SAS, a biotechnology company specialised in native membrane protein stabilisation, has announced that it has entered into an exclusive licencing agreement with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read more

Softlanding Boston is a program for medtech and e-health companies (medical devices, connected objects, diagnostic and monitoring tools). Designed by Medicen Paris Region and Paris Region Entreprises USA, the program aims to support French... Read more

Many people aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, with increased junk foods and easy accessibility, many end up falling off the wagon. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes at a cost. Healthy foods have many benefits to the human body. Read more

Metafora Biosystems, a company that specialises in developing diagnostic tests to detect abnormal energetic cells, has been awarded a grant of €1-million from Bpifrance as part of the French government's Innovation Challenge initiative... Read more

French multinational industrial gas supplier and service provider Air Liquide has announced the acquisition of two key historic players in the home healthcare business. The move further develops the company's activity in the sector and strengthens th Read more

Marks & Spencer has launched its new UK-wide product range, ‘Plant Kitchen’ which positions the M&S brand as ready for tomorrow’s diet-conscious customers looking for alternative, healthy food. Read more

Audi Hungaria has recently been testing ergonomic devices that can make employees’ work lives a lot easier. Read more

It’s been a year of ‘firsts’ for the approval of novel classes of drug in Europe, Sarah Houlton reports. Read more


German pharmaceutical group Bayer has seen a steep drop in sales following a US verdict ordering its subsidiary, agricultural giant Monsanto, to pay damages to a man who said ingredients in one of its weedkillers had caused his cancer. Read more

Germany company Südzucker, Europe’s largest beet producer, has signed an agreement with Tel Aviv-based food tech company DouxMatouk to produce a lower-sugar sweetener to help food manufacturers meet increasing demands for lower sugar content. Read more

High-end drinks Kolibri Drinks has turned to Yorkshire-based glass packaging specialist Beatson Clark to design and manufacture an innovative packaging solution that allows consumers to control the amount of sugar in their drink. Read more

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