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The UK has a bold target to become a zero-emissions nation by 2050. If it can be achieved, this would make the UK the cleanest country in the world in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. 31 years certainly seems like a long time to achieve this... Read more


Swedish company Azelio is combating climate change with an award-winning thermal energy storage solution. It enables distributed and dispatchable electricity at all hours of the day at a very competitive cost. This December, Azelio’s system will... Read more

Trade body SolarPower Europe has released preliminary statistics that point to 2019 being the best year for the photovoltaics (PV) since 2010 with capacity set to rise 104% year on year. Spain is leading the way with an anticipated 4.7 GW of new... Read more


Croatia has inaugurated its first geothermal power plant near the town of Bjelovar, around 85 km (53 miles) to the east of the capital Zagreb. The 16.5 MW Velika 1 was officially opened on November 26 after an investment of 325-million kuna... Read more

Large-scale floating photovoltaics plants can be one of the solutions for a sustainable energy supply. The EU has now approved a project that will optimise the anchoring and mooring of floating solar plants and adapt the anchoring to ocean... Read more

Brussels-based energy company Tractebel has claimed that is has developed a technology that can produce hydrogen from offshore windpower on an industrial scale through the use of electrolysis... Read more

As ice-cold autumn storms gathered force in the far northern Russian region, a company of Russian and Italian businessmen and state officials exchanged handshakes inside a marquee erected on desolate lands about 80 km northeast of Murmansk, on the... Read more

  • Floating solar plants

  • Tractebel reveals windpower to hydrogen technology

    Knicker Felix

    Tractebel reveals windpower to hydrogen technology


  • Italy's Enel to build Russia's largest wind farm



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