Focus on Germany

Brexit, China and a general global slowdown are threatening Germany’s export-led economy. Data from January brought a chill to boardrooms - and to the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Read more

The Polish plumber became one symbol among many for those people supporting Brexit. Overpaid, over-expectant – and over here. But for Germany and its neighbour Poland the battle lines are being drawn over the new labour force bogeyman from... Ukraine Read more

Germany’s ‘wise men’ – a council of economic experts whose musings on future growth, trade, fiscal policy and general financial health are listened to by every politician and economist – met in November and reported grim news. Read more

Trade wars and tariffs which once threatened the mighty export-led economy of Germany have in fact done nothing to dent it. The country has rebounded strongly from a slowdown early in the year as growth accelerated. Read more

Berlin – the cold war capital whose motto used to be ‘Poor but sexy’ – is destitute no more. It now has the fastest rising real estate prices in the world and is drawing in some of the biggest financial players to capitalise on that. Read more

Germany’s financial hub Frankfurt is reckoning on 8000 new banking jobs as a result of the Brexit exodus from the city of London. Read more