The European Union has set up a new mechanism in order to monitor implementation of China's agreed commitments, with an eye to using it as a template for monitoring other bilateral agreements... Read more

Germany's industrial output unexpectedly rose in March, aided by a higher production of consumer goods and a spike in construction. Despite the news, the German treasury has warned that the outlook remains subdued due to trade issues with the US... Read more

Recently published research by global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield assessed 48 of the most suitable locations for global manufacturers to relocate or expand to has shown that the Czech Republic at the top of the list in Europe... Read more

New Zealand’s Invert Robotics, the developer of the world’s first non-magnetic, climbing inspection robot for hazardous environments, has secured an investment agreement of US$8.8million (€7.7-million) to expand its business in Europe and worldwide.. Read more

European companies will begin to invest more in the homegrown workforce as the US moves further towards protectionism and the appeal of China wears off according to one of the continent's leading industrialists in an interview with the... Read more

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is leading a pan-European project looking to accelerate and develop the ocean energy sector. The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) has a 3 year budget of €2.6-million and sees a partnership... Read more

Nord Stream 2 has filed the third application in two years for a gas pipeline through its territory in waters to the south of the island of Bornholm, which is located between Sweden and Poland in the Baltic Sea, close to the Polish border... Read more

Following negotiations that have been "difficult", in the words of EU Council President Donald Tusk, the EU-China summit held in Brussels this week has concluded with a joint statement saying that both sides would “establish a political mechanism... Read more

At today’s CECE press conference, the European association of construction machinery manufacturers made it clear that 2018 was the strongest year for the construction equipment sector after the economic crisis. Releasing today a special video-... Read more

"China and Europe are both partners for win-win economic cooperation and contributors to world peace and stability," wrote Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the German newspaper Handelsblatt ahead of a summit this week aimed at solidifying ties... Read more

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline's (TAP) first offshore pipelines in Albanian waters have been successfully laid. Read more

Energy transition represents a truly "remarkable opportunity" and Spain will play an important role in bolstering the EU's potential for renewable energy, said King Felipe VI of Spain during his keynote speech at the WindEurope conference in Bilbao. Read more

The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, which was set to start pumping 55 billion cubic metres of gas between Russia and Germany by the end of the year, has hit a setback after Denmark's Energy Agency (DEA) requested the company... Read more

According to a recently published report about the European acetone market, it was equal to 1.356 million tonnes in 2013. The largest country market within the region was Germany, which in 2013 accounted for a share of 39% of the total in volume... Read more

Work is underway to expand the energy exchange market in Turkey in order to bring in more players from across Europe said Fatih Donmez, Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister. Read more

The EU Parliament has approved new rules to create a Europe-wide market for cleaner electricity that is more competitive and better placed to cope with risks. Read more

The volume of patent applications filed by UK businesses in Europe has risen again – further evidence of sustained investment in innovation activity. Read more

A newly-published report from the environmental consultancy Transport and Environment has found that in 2018 the US overtook the EU to become the world's second largest electric car market with around 361,000 EVs sold in that year compared to... Read more

Today only a third of plastics is recycled in Europe, highlighting the need to revamp the current waste management systems. The whole plastic value chain must engage in the transformation of plastic production, manufacture and disposal. Read more

The entire PET industry has set itself ambitious recycling targets and is committed to increase its role in the circular economy. Petcore Europe and the Parliament Magazine therefore organised a breakfast discussion in the European Parliament to... Read more

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