The European Union has won its court case against France over warning that cities across the country from Paris to Nice have been exceeding pollution limits mostly as a result of diesel car engines... Read more

Four years after the auto manufacturer's largest post-war scandal broke, a court case opened which set hundreds of thousands of manipulated diesel car owners, all demanding compensation, against the German car giant Volkswagen... Read more

Diesel has come in for a lot of scrutiny recently due to the levels of Nitrogen Oxide our vehicles emit. Read more

Latest figures published in a report by ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, showed a global 17% drop in diesel sales over 2017 figures, with gasoline vehicles increasing their share by 14.6%. Read more

Luxury carmaker BMW is recalling around 324,000 diesel vehicles in Europe in order to fix a technical fault that has caused engine fires in South Korea. Read more

According to a new survey from the Center for Automotive Research, the number of new diesel SUV registrations in Germany has halved since the emissions scandal and introduction of diesel bans in major cities. Read more

Japanese automotive giant Nissan is to gradually stop the sale of diesel cars in Europe, in yet another signal of the slowing demand for these cars amid fears about tax rises and possible future restrictions. Read more

Demand for diesel vehicles continues to fall across Europe amid the growing evidence of the health problems caused by NO2 from its fumes. Read more

Germany's government, which has steadfastly opposed barring heavily polluting diesel cars from cities, is working on changes to allow driving bans on certain routes on an emergency basis, documents seen by Reuters showed. Read more

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