Cyprus has branded Turkey a "pirate state" that flouts international law following Ankara's drilling operations within the Mediterranean island's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This is Turkey's fourth drilling operation in waters claimed by the... Read more


Next month's possible resumption of peace talks in Cyprus could prove to be an important step towards resolution of the dispute over development of the island's offshore gas reserves and lead to a pause in Turkish drilling in the Cyprus Exclusive... Read more

The Cypriot Ministry of Defence has purchased four Israeli drones for €12-million in order to monitor the activities of Turkish drillships operating in the island's waters in the first military acquisition of its kind for Cyprus. The move comes... Read more

A second Turkish ship, named Yavuz, which is planning to drill for oil and gas, arrived in the coastal waters to the northeast of Cyprus on Monday, triggering a vocal protest from Nicosia and causing consternation in Brussels. Politicians in... Read more

An agreement has been signed in Cairo between Egypt and Cyprus to commission and construct the EuroAfrica Interconnector. The link will connect the electricity networks of the two countries. Read more

Turkey has given support to its drilling vessel off the shores of Cyprus by launching a naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea. The drilling has been deemed as illegal by both the EU and the US... Read more

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