The creation of more data and the use of Industry 4.0 technologies are providing huge opportunities for manufacturers to improve productivity and profitability - but according to a report by law firm Irwin Mitchell, many in the sector are risking... Read more

Over half of manufacturing firms (57%) have been affected by newly imposed sanctions over the past 12 months, according to new research from the latest Global Fraud and Risk Report released by Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, a global provider... Read more

Research company Gartner predicts that half of large industrial companies will be using digital twins to improve productivity by 2021. Here Jonathan Wilkins, director at industrial automation parts supplier EU Automation, explains the important... Read more

Industry is changing a lot these days. New concepts and systems pop-up continuously, and due to companies’ need to implement the best technology, a lot of things will change in a relatively short span of time... Read more

Protocols for cyber security in the energy industry are often limited to the prevention of data breaches. However, by infiltrating energy generation sites, hackers have the potential to cause much more damage than simply accessing confidential... Read more

Shockingly, 79% of automation distributors do not believe their customers understand the safety requirements of installing a collaborative robot. That’s according to the results of the Global Robotics Report... Read more

The technology group Wärtsilä, together with Templar Executives, its strategic partner in cybersecurity, has opened the world's first International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE) in Singapore. Read more

The Networks and Information Systems (NIS) Directive was brought into effect in the UK on May 9, 2018. Read more

Nick Boughton, digital lead at systems integrator and industrial cybersecurity expert, Boulting Technology, shares his advice for making critical infrastructure more secure. Read more

The mobile operator community now has a golden opportunity to capture its share of the $20 billion digital identity market, but it requires fast and united adoption of the GSMA’s Mobile Connect technology says Joakim Nylund, CEO, Exomi. Read more

Danieli, a global steel industry supplier, has announced it will be utilising cybersecurity blockchain solutions to secure data on its networks. To this end, it has signed a partnership with cybersecurity start-up Naoris. Read more

IoT infrastructure security firm Tosibox Oy of Finland has appointed world-renowned cyber security expert Jarno Limnéll as its new Chief Executive Officer. Read more

In 1982, long before a cybersecurity threat to control system networks was widely recognised, a Trojan horse attack on control system software reportedly caused a huge explosion in a Siberian gas pipeline. Read more

A report released by EEF has found that almost half of UK manufacturers have fallen victim to a cybersecurity incident. Read more

Companies from across all industry sectors are increasingly embracing the concepts of Industry 4.0 to bring new value to their operations. Read more

Applied Risk, an established leader in industrial security, has launched a new program to enable Europe's industrial operators and suppliers to achieve compliance with IEC 62443 standards. Read more

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