China’s foreign ministry has said it hopes Britain’s exit from the European Union will be ‘orderly’ and that the EU will keep its markets open, reducing hurdles to Chinese investment. more

To Hell with Brexit: I’m not sure whether I’m jumping the gun on this assessment of popular opinion in Britain or am two and a half years behind. But millions want it done and gone. It is beyond exasperating. more

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will is today set to call on business chiefs to support her draft Brexit deal before upcoming negotiations with Brussels. more

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned (the second in this post to do so), and more resignations have followed. more

Britain’s manufacturers have put the brakes on their investment plans in response to growing political uncertainty at home and rising fears of the impact of global trade tensions, according to a survey released this week by EEF, the manufacturers’ or more

Is it really possible, asks Hamlet as he watches Fortibras’s army march across the stage (or three of four of them anyway), that these twenty thousand men go to seize nothing but a bit of the Polish frontier, some little patch of ground that, as the more

From a UK perspective, it’s been easy to assume Brexit is the biggest worry around. The dithering, obfuscation and interminable delays have become a permanent fact of daily life, and with little prospect of an end to the uncertainty for business. more

Ralf Speth, CEO of the UK’s biggest automaker Jaguar Land Rover, has warned of ‘horrifying’ consequences if the government fails to get the right Brexit deal, including huge job cuts and profit losses for the firm. more

UK carmakers are not prepared for Brexit, says the chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Mike Hawes. more

‘The clock is ticking – there are only a few weeks left before the October EU summit and we still have no idea what the British want’. more

Jaguar Land Rover has warned that a ‘hard Brexit’ would cost it £1.2 billion per year, and threaten its £80 billion UK investment plans. more

According to Open Europe, a thinktank with close links to Downing Street, there is ‘no strong business case for immediate significant divergence from the EU’s regulatory regime.’ more

Various European trade bodies are set to join forces in order to help deliver the best outcome from Brexit for the industrial products supply sector. more

There was plenty of positive news – and some notes of caution – from the European Commission’s Spring 2018 Economic Forecast, announced yesterday. more

A coalition of 21 European energy giants and top investors have called upon leaders of Britain and the EU to preserve close links on both climate and energy policy after Brexit. more

European car sales are at their lowest for five years, according to data published by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) on Wednesday. more

There is just one year to go until the UK is due to split from the European Union and at first glance the economy doesn’t seem to have imploded as some predicted. more

Germany’s financial hub Frankfurt is reckoning on 8000 new banking jobs as a result of the Brexit exodus from the city of London. more

The European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to a 21-month transition period to ease the UK’s March 2019 exit from the union. The deal ensures that very little will change until December 2020. more

Unilever, Britain’s third-biggest company, will scrap its London corporate headquarters and make Rotterdam its sole legal home in a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May’s government ahead of Brexit. more


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