Bill Jamieson

To Hell with Brexit: I’m not sure whether I’m jumping the gun on this assessment of popular opinion in Britain or am two and a half years behind. But millions want it done and gone. It is beyond exasperating. Read more

From a UK perspective, it’s been easy to assume Brexit is the biggest worry around. The dithering, obfuscation and interminable delays have become a permanent fact of daily life, and with little prospect of an end to the uncertainty for business. Read more

Lost from view in the impenetrable fog that is Brexit Britain are some encouraging signs. Estimates of UK growth in the first quarter have been revised upwards, albeit modestly. Consumer spending and retail sales have also perked up. Read more

Europe is on an economic roll. Powered by a stream of positive surveys and data, economic sentiment in France and Germany hit a multiyear high as we entered the New Year. Read more