BAE Systems

UK-based defence company BAE Systems has announced that it is spending $2.2-billion (€1.98-billion) to expand its electronic systems operations in the US by purchasing two businesses that are being sold as a result of the merger between Raytheon... Read more


Flight times from London to Sydney could be slashed by 80% to just four hours if a hypersonic engine, currently under development in the UK, gets off the ground. The SABRE (Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine) which has a top speed of 6,667... Read more

Stratasys and BAE Systems have announced that they will further strengthen their relationship around emerging additive manufacturing solutions within its Land, Maritime and Air Sectors... Read more

The UK has reported that 2018 was the country's "best year ever" in terms of defence orders and arms exports... Read more

BAE has won a $198 million contract to provide an initial 30 wheeled amphibious combat vehicles (ACV) from the US Marine Corps to transport Marines from ship to shore under hostile conditions. Read more

  • BAE Systems goes on €2bn spending spree in US

  • Stratasys & BAE collaborate on additive manufacturing solutions