Additive Manufacturing

Global engineering company Renishaw has collaborated with two advanced technology companies to demonstrate the advantages of additive manufacturing (AM) in the production of spinal implants. By working with Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and... Read more

AREVO, the Silicon Valley company redefining global composites manufacturing through digitalisation, today announced a partnership with boutique bike manufacturer Franco Bicycles  to deliver the world’s first 3D printed, continuous carbon fibre... Read more

Twenty years ago, few people would have even heard of 3D printing. It’s the kind of technology that would have at best seemed like a work of science fiction, akin to the replicators aboard the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation... Read more

Technology has played its part in improving the efficiency of the jewellery design and manufacturing process. But which types of specific technology have transformed the sector? Read more

New York-based 3D printing company MakerBot has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 for its MakerBot Method Performance 3D Printer. This accolade is only given to products that feature an outstanding design... Read more

Microlight3D, a specialty manufacturer of ultra hi-resolution 3D-microprinting systems for industrial and scientific applications, has won the award for Best French Startup from Forum Labo Paris 2019. Microlight3D is one of only two companies in... Read more

Saudi Arabian construction company Elite for Construction and Development has placed an order with Cobod, a Danish firm that specialises in additive manufacturing for the construction industry, for what has been dubbed "the world's largest 3D... Read more

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and Italian 3D printer company WASP have presented an innovative prototype of a 3D printed wall. The project was designed and engineered by IAAC and realised by Crane WASP as part of the Ope Read more

Helsinki-based dental technology and equipment manufacturer, Planmeca Oy have announced the release of the Planmeca Oy. Specifically designed for dental professionals, the Planmeca Creo C5 is a chairside 3D printer built with speed and precision... Read more

Computer systems, such as CRMs, can help you plan out your workload as efficiently as possible, while analytics allow you to judge what updates are needed. Together with Lookers Ford, retailers of Ford motability cars, we take a look at the... Read more

The European Space Agency (ESA) last week reached an important milestone in both rocketry and 3D printing. The BERTA engine, manufactured entirely by 3D printing, was successfully hot-fired for 560 seconds with a reference thrust of 2.45 kN. Read more

Nera, the world's first 3D-printed electric motorcycle has been unveiled by German additive manufacturers BigRep and their innovation arm, NOWlab. Looking like a cross between the Batmobile and something from 80s cult movie Tron. Read more

Metal additive manufacturing technology company Velo3D has teamed up with with Praxair Surface Technologies (PST) to develop process parameters for new alloys with Praxair’s TruFormTM powders. Read more

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw has collaborated with University Dental Hospital of Wales (UDH), Cardiff, to help overcome some of the challenges associated with surgical implants. Read more

VDMA, the German mechanical engineering association, is developing an additive manufacturing roadmap to outline how to automate manufacturing processes through the emergence of Industry 4.0. Read more

When it comes to the additive manufacturing of highly conductive copper components, technology group Heraeus announces it has achieved 99.8% density and around 95% conductivity IACS using standard powder bed laser melting machines. Read more

We’ve followed the WASP project and its focus on developing additive manufacturing solutions for sustainable construction with interest over the past year or so. Read more

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, has introduced its new carbon fibre filled grade PA6/66 filament Novamid® ID1030 CF10 for 3D printing. Read more

A recent study has found that Europe’s small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) believe 3D printing technology is crucial in the race to reduce costs and improve agility. Read more

Photoneo, a well established 3D machine vision developer, provider and enlightener, will be taking part in this year's VISION show. Read more

  • Renishaw spinal implants

    Renishaw spinal implants

  • Renishaw spinal implants

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