Paying attention to workplace ergonomics means understanding the capabilities and limitations of the human body and reducing situations that could put it under too much strain. Here are some simple ways to keep your warehouse workers safe and... Read more

Swiss-Swedish robotics and automation technology giant ABB has announced plans to shut down its circuit breaker plant in Ózd, in northeast Hungary, laying off nearly 1,000 people, citing a fall in demand... Read more


A new report by Polish construction market research group Spectis has described business confidence among the sector as having "tumbled" early this year. According to Spectis, the "heaviest burden, as perceived by construction companies" is the... Read more


After two decades of offshore productions in low-cost countries, manufacturers are now struggling with the rapidly growing salaries and counter-effects of cheap production. The question that industries are asking today is: do we continue... Read more


A landmark lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court in Washington against five of the world's largest tech companies. The legal complaint accuses five household names of being complicit in the death of children in the Democratic Republic of... Read more

The Liverpool skyline is littered with some unique and innovative buildings, highlighting the eccentricity and skills of British architecture. While Liverpool architects can still turn to Jobrapido and similar sites to search for architecture jobs... Read more

Germany's Automobile industry association VDA issued a stark warning this week saying that it expects global car sales to fall by 5% - the largest drop since the financial crisis - and that more job cuts may come as a result in 2020... Read more

Volkswagen's luxury car unit Audi has announced that it is set to cut around 9,500 jobs - more than one in ten - in Germany by 2025 as part of a structural overhaul that will help fund the switch over to electric vehicles... Read more

Research and Development (R&D) managers have much work to do to prepare for an imminent increase in workloads, according to new research by Ayming, a business performance consultancy that specialises in innovation... Read more

More than half (60%) of the UK population are concerned that jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, according to a new study into consumer attitudes by Kaspersky. Many of the study’s respondents also admit they are worried... Read more

Nissan Motor Ibérica will soon complete the testing phase of a pioneering exoskeleton project before integration into production lines at Barcelona’s Zona Franca plant. The external exoskeleton devices help reduce the stresses normally placed on... Read more

Danish collaborative robot, or cobot, manufacturer Universal Robots has announced that BWIndustrie, a French specialist in machining, assembly and robotics has installed the world’s first UR16e heavy-duty payload cobot... Read more

The head of the self-governing region of Košice in eastern Slovakia has offered to buy a local steelworks from the local subsidiary of owner U.S. Steel for €1 and temporarily take control ahead of the planned mass layoff of 2,500 workers by 2021.. Read more

Research from Cornell University and McKinsey & Co., among others, suggests that a diverse workforce leads to increased creativity, motivation and morale, all qualities which are paramount when developing innovative engineering solutions... Read more

A wise man once said that ageing is a privilege, not a predicament. That’s all well and good, but what if you’re an employer with an ageing workforce and you can’t seem to attract younger workers to fill their shoes? That’s the predicament UK... Read more

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