The goods trade surplus between the EU and the US, as well as the bloc's surplus with China has increased in the first five months of the year, according to figures released by the EU statistics office Eurostat... Read more

Following a sharp slump earlier in the year, Germany's exports and industrial output returned to growth in May but still failed to recover fully. According to the Federal Statistics Office, exports grew by 1.1%, surpassing the 0.5% rise forecasted... Read more

Whether it’s to fuel the company fleet or just a single van, petrol prices can be a big dent in the company finances. By current figures, the number of cars around the world will double by 2040, and this will affect the prices we see in the forecourt Read more

In its annual assessment of the German economy, the IMF has urged the country to lower tax rates on lower income households and to increase investment in its digital infrastructure. The moves would reduce Germany's vulnerability to such external... Read more

Economic analysts in the EU are forecasting a Japanese "spending spree" off the back of a historic trade deal. Businesses in Japan are sitting on over €800-billion combined and it is expected that the European Union will be the most likely target... Read more

Germany's industrial output unexpectedly rose in March, aided by a higher production of consumer goods and a spike in construction. Despite the news, the German treasury has warned that the outlook remains subdued due to trade issues with the US... Read more

The European Union has been preparing for a possible trade war with the US in the ongoing dispute over Boeing subsidies. This week, the European Commission published a preliminary list of US products amounting to almost $20-billion (€17.7-billion). Read more

The euro fell back from a five-week high on Tuesday, as concerns about weak inflation and a slowdown in company borrowing raised questions about the momentum of the euro zone’s economic expansion. Read more

The euro zone economy is enjoying robust growth and may even outperform expectations in the near term, the European Central Bank said in a regular economic bulletin on Thursday. Read more

As Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ trade agenda turns from steel imports to Asian technology and intellectual property, a global trade war is now seen as the most serious risk for global investors, according to a recent survey. Read more

European stocks struggled to hold on to opening gains on Tuesday as tech stocks stayed under pressure after concerns over increased regulation and taxation of large tech companies prompted selling overnight on Wall Street. Read more

Investors in European industrial stocks are holding their nerve as trade threats fly back and forth across the Atlantic, betting against a full-scale trade war that would derail the region’s economic recovery. Read more

As major economies continue to expand moderately, it's not surprising that commodity use is increasing and many prices are rising. Crude oil prices have more than doubled since bottoming in February 2016. Read more

EON SE and RWE AG surged after their 22 billion-euro ($27.1 billion) bid to restructure the German energy industry and take control of Innogy SE established a national champion to cope with Angela Merkel’s move to upend once-mighty utilities. Read more

Equity markets across the region jumped and the yen slid after the White House accepted North Korea’s invitation for a summit that could potentially help defuse tensions along the last remaining tripwire of the Cold War. Read more

European markets are set for a negative open amid earnings news and political developments in the U.S. Read more

German car companies urged policymakers on Monday to avoid a trade war with the United States “at all costs” after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to tax car imports from the European Union. Read more

The clock is ticking for John Cryan to complete the next step in Deutsche Bank AG’s turnaround. Read more


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