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Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Autotech Ventures - a leading American venture capital fund focusing on start-ups in the ground transportation sector... Read more

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has signed a strategic development agreement with Chinese state-owned shipbuilder CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company. The five year agreement, which was signed December 3 at the Marintec conference and... Read more

The European Commission has given the green light to €3.2-billion of state aid from seven member state for the research and development of battery technology. The announcement comes as part of Brussels continued push to find strategic areas where... Read more

Pirelli has become the first tyre company in the world to develop intelligent tyres that transmit information it detects about the road surface via the 5G network. The company presented the "World-first 5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance... Read more

Autonomous driving technologies are disrupting the business models for the traditional auto industry. In the past decade, we have seen tech giants like Google and Baidu, as well as mobility service companies such as Uber and Didi joining the race... Read more

German auto giant BMW is to break ground on the construction of a new production facility in the city of Debrecen in eastern Hungary in Spring 2020, it has announced... Read more

Tax authorities in Italy have said that Fiat underestimated the value of Chrysler by around €5.1-billion following the Italian automotive giant's phased acquisition of the US company in 2014... Read more

Germany's Automobile industry association VDA issued a stark warning this week saying that it expects global car sales to fall by 5% - the largest drop since the financial crisis - and that more job cuts may come as a result in 2020... Read more

Chinese automotive parts manufacturer Yanfeng Automotive Interiors has announced the opening its first plant in Kragujevac, central Serbia. The facility aims to employ 200 workers in the initial phase and up to 800 workers in the longer term... Read more

Continental has a long tradition in automotive, and it supplies a wide range of components for major global brands. Since 2017, their new warehousing hall has let them concentrate all of their logistics processes into one place. Read more

The renewal of the EU tyre label will be useful for drivers across large swathes of the continent, as it will now include information concerning grip on snow and ice. Until now, markings related to tyre properties required in demanding winter... Read more

German automotive components manufacturer Schaeffler is to build a new facility in the western Hungarian city of Szombathely. The company is to invest HUF 23.5-billion (€70-million) in the project, which will create 150 new jobs... Read more

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), each year about 1.35 million people die in traffic accidents and another 20 to 50 million are injured. One of the main causes is driver inattention. Consequently, many automotive... Read more

An integrated, sustainable, intelligent, synchronised and optimised transport and logistics network is essential to deliver upon societal challenges as well as to enhance or increase the competitiveness of all parties involved... Read more

Rolls-Royce's ambition to return to having a blue-chip single-A credit rating have taken a hit following Standard & Poor's (S&P) decision to downgrade the aero-engine manufacturer to just one notch about junk. This is the company's second... Read more

Volkswagen's luxury car unit Audi has announced that it is set to cut around 9,500 jobs - more than one in ten - in Germany by 2025 as part of a structural overhaul that will help fund the switch over to electric vehicles... Read more

Transport currently accounts for almost a third (30%) of the world’s total energy use and around a quarter of the global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. With climate change high on the news agenda and more consumers than ever making... Read more

Automotive companies around the world are awaiting US President Donald Trump's decision on whether or not he is to impose up to 25% tariffs on US imports of cars and auto parts after a review period of 180 days elapsed this week... Read more

US based electric supercar company Tesla is to construct its base of operations in Europe just outside the German capital, Berlin, according to company founder Elon Musk who made the long-awaited announcement on Tuesday... Read more

One year on following SEA Europe and industriAll’s Joint Manifesto: Maritime Technology: A Strategic Sector for Europe (2018), the European Social Partners are calling for strong commitment from EU policy makers to defend European industry and... Read more

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